Musical Theatre Training

At Singing Onstage, we are dedicated to nurturing the passion and talents of aspiring performers, providing exceptional musical theatre training and unforgettable performance experiences in Central Pennsylvania.


Singing Onstage provides musical theatre training and performance experiences to students in Central Pennsylvania. Our education programs contribute to the cultural vibrancy of State College and the surrounding area.

Programs for Students Ages 5-18


Step into the spotlight and join exciting musical theatre classes each Fall and Spring semester. Our classes allow students the opportunity to explore the world of singing, acting, and dancing, make lasting friendships, and embark on a journey of self-expression and creativity.

Summer Camp

Unleash creativity and experience the thrill of summer with our exciting musical theatre camps, where students will dive into the world of singing, dancing, and acting, make new friends, and showcase their talents on stage in a fun and supportive environment.

Events & Workshops

Discover extraordinary opportunities to grow and excel in musical theatre through our engaging events and workshops, where students receive expert guidance, expand their skills, and are inspired by industry professionals in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Building Confidence and Self-Expression:

Engaging in musical theatre training provides a nurturing environment for children to develop confidence, express themselves creatively, and build self-esteem. By performing on stage, students gain a sense of accomplishment, learn to overcome challenges and discover their unique voice, fostering lifelong skills that extend beyond the spotlight.

Cultivating Collaboration and Teamwork

Participating in musical theatre and music programs encourages children to work collaboratively in a team-oriented environment. Through rehearsals, ensemble singing, and group performances, students learn the value of cooperation, communication, and mutual support, developing essential skills for future personal and professional endeavors.

Developing Artistic and Performance Skills:

Musical theatre and music education offer a comprehensive platform for students to develop their artistic and performance abilities. From honing singing techniques to mastering choreography and acting skills, children gain a well-rounded foundation in the performing arts, enhancing their stage presence, vocal range, and storytelling capabilities.

Fostering Creativity and Imagination:

Musical theatre ignites student creativity and imagination, allowing them to explore diverse characters, narratives, and musical styles. By immersing themselves in the world of storytelling, students develop a deeper appreciation for the arts, expand their cultural awareness, and cultivate a lifelong love for music and performance.


Our heartfelt testimonials speak volumes about the profound impact that our nurturing community has had on artistic growth and personal journey in musical theatre.

I just picked my 8-year-old kid up.
Mom: “How was it?”
Kid: “I love Singing Onstage. Singing saves me.”

Elizabeth C.

A positive, uplifting learning environment where kids can grow their confidence, discover talents and build lasting friendships.
Jodie S.

My daughter is being taught how to tell a story through song and movement. But so much more importantly, she is learning independence, respect for herself and others, responsibility, dedication, to speak clearly, to ask for help, to work collaboratively, to be adaptable, to be an individual, to be part of a group, to express her emotions, to focus on the task at hand, and to be imaginative.

Abbie J.

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